The CAST Playbook captures the stages and processes of how we work with charities to create and deliver better digital products and services.
We've worked with many small and larger charities who've found this way of working helpful. There's no one right way, but we hope our approach helps you.
There are four parts to the CAST Playbook; Mindset, Discover, Define and Develop.
Each section has a guide, tools and tips to navigating your journey through digital. The process can seem daunting and full of uncertainty at the start - but if you stick to the Playbook path, you'll find clarity and confidence.

We often think about this process as a 'squiggly line' that begins tangled and complex, but which will smooth out as you and your team discover more.
Playbook is designed for everyone, whether you're starting on your digital journey, or are already on the path. You can start at the beginning, learning about building the right mindset, or you can dip in and out to find the advice and support that matches your needs.
1. Mindset
In this section you'll find all of the elements that you need to consider before you get underway. These are less about tasks and more about establishing an underlying approach for better digital development
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2. Discover
The Discover stage is crucial for building a strong foundation for your digital project.
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3. Define
During the Define stage you'll build on everything you learned in Discover, to work out which problem you're solving for the user, and how you're going to do it.
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4. Develop
The final Develop stage will take everything you've done through the Discover and Define stages to provide you with the information and confidence to brief your development partner.
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